our manifesto

take the pledge

Look – you need innovative, premium quality, customizable products to promote your company – or perhaps an amazing evening. While we are all but certain you must be awesome, sensible, and of course, as tough as our employee screening process – there’s still a reason you came searching for the Pledge team to help create your next customized product. Make no mistake – this is your vision, we are here to support that vision and mold it into a reality. A reality that will put you on top and make you and your company stand out and look great doing so!

You might be here because you’ve either seen our awesome work first hand or you’ve heard from a trusted source that we are the most cutting edge, modern, and professional promotional product agency in existence. Either way, here you are, at our collective, creative mercy. Whether you want our talented team to create a new design, vectorize an existing design, or simply order customized products – we are happy, nay honored!, to help. We will sacrifice sleep (a lot of coffee) to provide the best service to you and your team.

our principals

We won’t let you down! Here at Pledge Promo, we believe in working as hard as we play. While this may or may not involve a couple of late night meetings at the local pub, (hey, we are human) it definitely includes a level of focus and commitment required to take your idea and turn it into an awe-inspiring, tangible product. Design with a passion for innovation and keen eye for detail, we operate our business based on the following principles:


Pledge is a premier promotional product agency that “steers clear” of needless confusion. Granted, characteristics such as our innate charisma are virtually non-perceivable. Nevertheless, we do our absolute best to keep the process as transparent as possible. From the beginning of the process to its invariably triumphant end, we promise to make ourselves and our procedures easily accessible to you. No matter what type of questions you may have, we will be here to answer them all while utilizing your feedback to help make the product that much better.


Although you have likely been led to believe there is no such thing as perfection, with just one look at our products, you’ll realize you’ve been duped. Absolutely flawless commodities designed exactly in the manner you request, Pledge Promo promises to never send you home unhappy. Working non-stop until we bring your vision into fruition, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, communication, loyalty, and above all, incredible design ideas. No matter if you provide a sketch on a napkin, a common day Raphael (Tim’s an art person), or a digital masterpiece – we will work with you closely to take your vision and manifest it magnificently.


Not to get too over-dramatic, but our products will immortalize your business, organization, or event. Our goal is to create and provide a design that will not only woo the people of today but wow the days of tomorrow. Instilling pride into your brand – we want you to go home happy each day knowing that our team has taken the Pledge.

Proud forgers of our own destiny, we believe the future favors those who march boldly into it. Operating on the principles of remaining transparent, flawless, and legendary, here at PPPA, ensuring your extreme satisfaction isn’t just a part of the process. It’s our Pledge.